Bay Area Population Genomics (BAPG) IX Conference

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This conference is generously supported by and the Center for Computational Biology.


Keynote Speaker: Hideki Innan

Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan

Population genetics in duplicated regions: From theory to application

Regular population genetic theory does not work in duplicated regions when they undergo frequent exchanges of DNA sequences by gene conversion. I here introduce very basic theory to handle gene conversion, from diffusion theory under a simple two-locus two-allele model to the coalescent theory. Under neutrality, theory tells that gene conversion increases the level of polymorphism in each of duplicates, while the divergence between duplicates is reduced. I will show that theory is useful to estimate the rate of gene conversion from SNP data assuming neutrality. Then, models with various modes of selection are considered. The expected pattern of SNPs is heavily affected by the mode and intensity of selection. I will introduce several selection models and discuss how selection can be detected from the pattern of SNPs.


Date: Saturday October 5, 2013

Place: University of California-Berkeley, Stanley Hall, Room 105


8:30-9:30am – Breakfast & Coffee
9:25am – Introduction
9:30am – Keynote Speaker: Hideki Innan
10:30am – Coffee Break
11:00am - talk1
11:15am - talk2
11:30am - talk3
11:45am - talk4
12:00pm – Lunch
1:00pm - talk5
1:15pm - talk6
1:30pm - talk7
1:45pm - talk8
2:00-4:30pm – Posters and refreshments

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Refreshments: Coffee Breaks and Lunch will be included with registration. Alcohol will be available, by donation, in the afternoon.