Yong Wang


Research Overview

I am interested in studying the evolutionary history of human and other species. My work includes both methods development and data analysis. I have developed several computational methods for estimating demographic history and population phylogeny from large-scale genomic data. I have applied these methods to study the divergence process between human and chimpanzee, and the evolution history of Palaeo-Eskimos and Aboriginal Australians. I am also interested in detecting signature of natural selection in the human genome.

Selected Publications

Wang Y**, Nielsen R. 2012. Estimating Population Divergence Time and Phylogeny from SNP Data with Outgroup Ascertainment Bias. Molecular Ecology 21:974-986. (**:corresponding author)

Rasmussen M*, Guo X*, Wang Y*, Lohmueller KE*, et al. 2011. An aboriginal Australian genome reveals separate human dispersals into Asia. Science 334:94–98. (*:co-first authors; Science cover story)

Rasmussen M, et al. 2010. The Diploid Genome of an Extinct Palaeo-Eskimo. Nature 463:757-762. (Nature cover story)

Wang Y, Hey J. 2010. Estimating divergence parameters with small samples from a large number of loci. Genetics 184:363-379.

Won YJ, Wang Y, Sivasundar A, Raincrow J, Hey J. 2006. Nuclear gene variation and molecular dating of the cichlid species flock of Lake Malawi. Mol Biol Evol 23:828-837.

Won YJ, Sivasundar A, Wang Y, Hey J. 2005. On the origin of Lake Malawi cichlids: a population genetic analysis of divergence. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 102 1:6581-6586.