Taichi A. Suzuki


Research Overview

I am interested in understanding how host associated microbial communities affect ecology and evolution of higher organisms. For my dissertation, I am investigating the geographic variation of gut microbial composition and its function in natural populations of house mice (Mus musculus) across North and South America. I have also worked on coat color genetics and speciation genetics in Mus. My research involves field work, laboratory crosses, histology, molecular approaches, and computational analyses.

Selected Publications

Suzuki, T.A. and M. Worobey. Geographic variation of gut microbial composition in humans. Biology Letters, in revision.

Suzuki, T.A. and M.W. Nachman. Speciation and hybrid female fertility in house mice. Evolution, in revision.

Suzuki, T.A. and M. A. Iwasa, 2013. A cross-experimental analysis of coat color variations and morphological characteristics of the Japanese wild mouse, Mus musculus. Experimental Animals 62(1): 25-34. *Cover photo