Adi Stern

Jointly affiliated with UCSF, lab of Raul Andino


Research Overview

I am interested in the evolution of RNA viruses, many of which pose major threats to global human health (e.g., Influenza, Dengue virus, Hepatitis, and SARS). One of the reasons for this is that RNA viruses display very high mutation rates, allowing them to evade the host immune system and therapeutic interventions. I aim to study: (a) the fitness of RNA viruses as a function of their interaction with the host and (b) the process by which cross-species transmissions occur, often leading to emerging infectious diseases.

In general, I have always been interested in the evolutionary arms race that develops between any type of host (be it human, insect or bacteria) to any parasite (e.g., bacterial, viral, or phage). I am also interested in general processes that lead to genomic innovation, such as lateral gene transfer, gene duplication, and dynamics of mobile elements.

Selected Publications

Stern A., Sorek R. The phage-host arms race: shaping the evolution of microbes. Bioessays. BioEssays, 33(1):43-51 (2011).

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