Michael Sheehan


Research Overview

I am broadly interested in understanding the causes and consequences of variation in social behavior across taxa. A particular focus of mine has been understanding the evolution of traits used to mediate social interactions via individual recognition.

My dissertation work on Polistes wasps examined the evolution of individual recognition in P. fuscatus, which recognizes individuals by their highly distinctive color patterns. My research examined both the evolution of the highly variable color patterns in P. fuscatus as well as cognitive abilities associated with recognition.

My current research is centered on further understanding the evolution of distinctive identity signals, using house mice as a model. This project seeks to link genetic variation to phenotypes used for individual recognition as well as look for molecular signatures of selection on loci involved in individual recognition. This work is conducted in collaboration with Drs. Jane Hurst and Rob Beynon (University of Liverpool).

As an extension of my work on individual recognition, I am collaborating with Dr. Thore Bergman (University of Michigan) to investigate the relationships between mechanisms for gathering social information, such as individual recognition and quality signals.

In addition to my work on communicaiton, I am also working on a project investigating variation in rates of cooperative breeding across paper wasps.

Selected Publications

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