Melissa A. Wilson Sayres


Research Overview

Dr. Wilson Sayres is actively working to understand the evolution of sex chromosomes (X and Y in mammals), and also interested in using the unique properties of these chromosomes (e.g., that they spend different amounts of time in the male and female germlines, and are subject to different selective pressures) to address how mutations accumulate. To address the first area of interest, she is cataloging and interpreting variation among Y chromosomes from populations around the world. She is also comparing diversity on the sex chromosomes and non-sex chromosomes across hundreds of individuals to determine how population demography, selection, and sex-specific mutation processes combine to contribute to the accumulation of mutations in the human genome.

Selected Publications

3. Wilson, M., Venditti, C., Pagel, M., and Makova K.D. 2011 Do variations in substitution rates and male mutation bias correlate with life history traits? A study of 32 mammalian genomes. Evolution (accepted)

2. Wilson, M., and Makova, K.D. 2009. Evolution and survival on eutherian sex chromosomes. PLoS Genetics 5: (7) e1000568.

1. Wilson, M., and Makova, K.D. 2009. Genomic analyses of sex chromosome evolution. Annual Reviews of Human Genetics and Genomics 10: 333-54.