Fernando Racimo


Research Overview

My research focuses on using genomic and paleogenomic data to study human evolutionary history. I am currently interested in computational approaches to study functional differences between modern and archaic hominin genomes, and in using population genetics to infer ancient demographic processes. My background also includes work on bacterial evolution and developmental morphometrics.

Selected Publications

Bhullar, B.-A.S., Marugan-Lobon, J., Racimo, F., Bever, G.S., Rowe, T.B., Norell, M.A. and Abzhanov, A. (2012) Birds have paedomorphic dinosaur skulls, Nature 487, 223-226.

Meyer, M., Kircher, M., Gansauge, M.-T., Li, H., Racimo, F., Mallick, S., Schraiber, J.G., Jay, F., Prüfer, K., de Filippo, C., Sudmant, P.H., Alkan, C., Fu, Q., Do, R., Rohland, N., Tandon, A., Siebauer, M., Green, R.E., Bryc, K., Briggs, A.W., Stenzel, U., Dabney, J., Shendure, J., Kitzman, J., Hammer, M.F., Shunkov, M.V., Derevianko, A.P., Patterson, N., Andrés, A.M., Eichler, E.E., Slatkin, M., Reich, D., Kelso, J. and Pääbo, S. (2012) A high-coverage genome sequence from an archaic Denisovan individual, Science, advanced online publication [DOI:10.1126/science.1224344].