Ida Moltke

The Bioinformatics Centre
Department of Biology
University of Copenhagen
Ole Maaløes Vej 5
2200 København N
Phone : +45 61 700 486


Research Overview

I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science, Mathematics and Rhetorics and a Masters degree in Bioinformatics. In my master thesis I developed a statistical model of local RNA 3D structure by use of Bayesian networks and directional statistics (joint work with two other students).

Since December 2007 I have been a PhD student in Rasmus Nielsen's lab here in Berkeley (and in Anders Kroghs lab in Copenhagen) and since I started my PhD my research interests have changed a lot. I am now developing statistical and computational methods for analysing genomic data. Right now I am primarily working on a method for identifying identity by descent regions in human genomes using SNP data.

Selected Publications

Marstrand TT, Frellsen J, Moltke I, Thiim M, Valen E, Retelska D, Krogh A (2008). Asap: A Framework for Over-Representation Statistics for Transcription Factor Binding Sites. PLoS ONE 3(2): e1623.

Moltke I, Frellsen J, Thiim M, Mardia K, Hamelryck T. VMRNA: a probabilistic model of local RNA 3D structure. In preparation.