Michael Knudsen



Research Overview

My main research interest is the development and analysis of mathematical models of protein interaction networks. In particular, my focus is on baker's yeast which experienced a duplication of its entire genome about 100 million years ago. This event has left traces in the yeast genome of today, and this serves as a basis for my current research.

Furthermore, I am interested in the classification of protein domain structures. With today's standards in structure classification, much manual work is needed, and as new structures are arriving at an ever increasing rate, there is an urgent need for automated methods. My focus is on using theory from the mathematical field algebraic topology.

Selected Publications

M. Knudsen, C. Wiuf: A Markov Chain Approach to Randomly Grown Graphs, J. Appl. Math 2008.

C. Wiuf, O. Ratmann, M. Knudsen: Analysis of biological network data using likelihood-free inference techniques, in TICSP Series #41 (Proceedings of Fifth International Workshop on Computational Systems Biology, Leipzig 2008), pp. 185-188, eds. M. Ahdesmäki, K. Strimmer, N. Radde, J. Rahnenführer, K. Klemm, H. Lähdesmäki, O. Yli-Harja.