Su Yeon Kim


Research Overview

My research interests focus on statistical genetics of complex diseases and comparative genomics. Complex trait mapping has been tackled seriously in the literature, but so far known variants explain only a small fraction of variability in complex trait. I am tackling the problem with Nex-Generation sequencing data. I also interested in studying evolutionary aspects of non-coding regions in the human genome.

Selected Publications

J-B Veyrieras, S. Kudaravalli, S. Y. Kim, E. T. Dermitzakis, Y. Gilad, et al. High-Resolution Mapping of Expression-QTLs Yields Insight into Human Gene Regulation. PLoS Genet. 4(10): e1000214, 2008

S. Y. Kim and J. K. Pritchard. Adaptive evolution of conserved non-coding elements in mammals. PLoS Genet. 3(9):e147, 2007

C. Murgia, J. K. Pritchard, S. Y. Kim, A. Fassati, and R.A. Weiss. Clonal origin and evolution of a transmissible cancer. Cell 126:477-487, 2006