Mike DeGiorgio



Research Overview

I am interested in using statistical population genetics and phylogenetics to understand within- and between-species evolutionary relationships. I have worked on both theoretical and applied projects, including developing estimators of genetic diversity for samples containing related individuals, modeling human evolutionary history, and constructing and evaluating methods for estimating species trees from multilocus data.

Selected Publications

M DeGiorgio, JH Degnan, NA Rosenberg (2011) Coalescence-time distributions in a serial founder model of human evolutionary history. Genetics (in press).

M DeGiorgio*, I Jankovic*, NA Rosenberg (2010) Unbiased estimation of gene diversity in samples containing related individuals: exact variance and arbitrary ploidy. Genetics 186:1367-1387. (* indicates equal contributions)

M DeGiorgio, JH Degnan (2010) Fast and consistent estimation of species trees using supermatrix rooted triples. Molecular Biology and Evolution 27:552-659.

M DeGiorgio, M Jakobsson, NA Rosenberg (2009) Explaining worldwide patterns of human genetic variation using a coalescent-based serial founder model of migration outward from Africa. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106:16057-16062.

JH Degnan, M DeGiorgio, D Bryant, NA Rosenberg (2009) Properties of consensus methods for inferring species trees from gene trees. Systematic Biology 58:35-54.

M DeGiorgio, NA Rosenberg (2009) An unbiased estimator of gene diversity in samples containing related indivuals. Molecular Biology and Evolution 26:501-512.