This is a list of typographical and other errors we have found in An Introduction to Population Genetics: Theory and Application (Sinauer Associates, Sunderland Mass. 2013)

Please inform us of any additional errors or problems encountered.

Rasmus Nielsen
Montgomery Slatkin


  1. page 45, line 4, "divided by the population size" should be "divided by twice the population size."
  2. page 138, The bold text "Box 7.5", should be box 7.4 instead.
  3. page 139, Bottom of the page, Figure 7.3, should be Figure 7.4.
  4. page 140, "we see that effect in Figure 7.4", should be 7.5
  5. Page 169, the end of Box 8.4. Figure 8.9, should be 8.13.
  6. page 169. The 2 at the end of the last three entries of Combined fitness should be superscripts.
  7. page 172. The fB and fb in the equation in the middle of the page are reversed.
  8. page 173. The 2N in the line below Eq. 8.7 should be 4N.
  9. page 200, the box 10.1, one of the entries in the table is not correct: –10 should be –1.